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Eliminate your “excess baggages” or limiting beliefs that hold you back from going for your dreams. If you learn about the “auto-rewind and auto-advance” feature of our brain, you will be able to expand your choices and move on. Click To Get Free Video

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Expand and embody excellence by an NLP technique called anchoring. Alvin Barcelona shared that using this technique his students won trophies and medals over more veteran competitors and even became Regional Representatives. Click To Get Free Video


Take on the mindset of Thomas Edison who tried 10,000 materials to invent the lightbulb. Pure persistence. If you learn this feature of our brain, you take on an “auto-achievement” mindset.

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How Ryan Earned P500k Instantly by Expanding His Sensory Acuity!

Ryan excitedly talked to me, waving his hands up and down and also clenching his fist at times as he narrated how he was able to sell to a client in just the first meeting. “Hi Jojo, wow, let me tell you this unbelievable story. A day after attending the Leapfrog NLP Seminar, I accompanied

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You can laugh at your bad habits – If you follow this simple plan.

All of them had these barriers for them to be their best self but today, because they followed this simple plan, they have conquered these.

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When Your Loved Ones Hurt– What Do You Do?

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My daughter had broken up with her boyfriend and was bawling. When I saw her swollen eyes, my heart broke as well. I said to myself, Why not try the NLP technique on her? If it failed, at least I had tried — and my reputation would be intact because no one would know. “My

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Forgive them? No Way!

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  If you are ever to have a good time, you cannot plan your life to include nothing but good times. Pleasure is like beauty; it is conditioned by contrast. Fireworks would not delight us if they were set off against a background of fire, or in the blaze of the noonday sun: they need

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You’re not a psychologist? You can still get rid of phobias and traumas.

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I am not a psychologist yet I have learned and been able to heal hundreds of people of their phobias, limiting beliefs, traumas and painful memories in 30 minutes or less. Is it really possible? The truth is YES, it is possible. I can feel a crease between your brows slowly building up while you

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How You Can Achieve Your Highest Self.

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 First, let me help you break misconceptions about  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – sounds daunting doesn’t it?). NLP is not an art of hypnotizing people nor is it a form of magic supernaturally powered. Although sometimes admittedly  it does look like a bag of magic tricks, the same way you would be amazed by that red-nosed clown

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Ever feel like a zombie when you wake up and cant seem to shake it off? Everyone has those “lazy days” or “I feel low days”. So What if you can have a “push button” using your body movements that will magically and instantly short- circuit the lazy feeling? One press and BOOM — you’re ENERGIZED and

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