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How Ryan Earned P500k Instantly by Expanding His Sensory Acuity!

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Ryan excitedly talked to me, waving his hands up and down and also clenching his fist at times as he narrated how he was able to sell to a client in just the first meeting.

“Hi Jojo, wow, let me tell you this unbelievable story. A day after attending the Leapfrog NLP Seminar, I accompanied my sales executive to his client meeting. That was the first time for me to meet the client. I immediately applied my sensory acuity skills and the mirroring and matching technique. I also applied the meta programs and analyzed the language patterns of the client. I found out that the client is internal, moves away, matching type, general, proactive and procedure type.

Once I got those signals, I immediately established rapport. My sales executive was surprised because my connection with the client was like of a long lost friend whereas we just met!

I also then applied precision questioning, and injected embedded commands as we came up with our recommendation.

Then the unexpected happened! She agreed and signed the contract at the same day! It was unbelievable. We earned about P500,000 worth of commissions. And we got paid already!!!” Ryan had a wide grin in his faced and pumped his fist with joy.

I joked with him. “Hmmm the commission pays off your seminar fee 25x over!” We laughed together.

What NLP Techniques did Ryan use?

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You can laugh at your bad habits – If you follow this simple plan.

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Dean never wanted to eat vegetables, Anna was terrified of public speaking, Della lost her job and dwindled into depression, Jason wanted to get to the next level of his career, and Frank had a dream but was too afraid of business. All of them had these barriers for them to be their best self but today, because they followed this simple plan, they have conquered these.

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When Your Loved Ones Hurt– What Do You Do?

My daughter had broken up with her boyfriend and was bawling. When I saw her swollen eyes, my heart broke as well. I said to myself, Why not try the NLP technique on her? If it failed, at least I had tried — and my reputation would be intact because no one would know.


My daughter had broken up with her boyfriend and was bawling.When I saw her swollen eyes, my heart broke as well.



After a brief prayer, I asked her, “Catherine, would you like to be relieved of this pain?” She looked at me with bewilderment and said, “Of course, Dad.”

“I just learned an NLP technique that will accelerate the healing of painful memories. There is nothing to lose. If it works, then you’ll feel better and have a better choice to overcome your hurt,” I said. (Hmmm, she will be my first patient.)

She must have been desperate enough because she agreed to the crazy ideas of her dad. I asked her to close her eyes so she could concentrate — and I could read my notes.

Honestly, I was doubtful it would work. And not knowing the steps by heart, I had to take my notes in my hand and I did the steps on her while reading my workbook.

After going through the process, I asked her, “How do you feel?” She said, “I still feel the same. It still hurts so much.”

My heart sank. Under my breath, I said, “I knew it. It doesn’t work.” I went back to my workbook. It said that if it doesn’t work the first time, I should do it again. So I asked my daughter to relax and try harder to follow the steps.

I did it a second time.

And this time, I noticed a change in her facial expression. I asked her again, “How are you?” and she said, “Wow, Dad, I truly feel relieved and not as sad anymore. Thank you!”

The following morning, she felt a lot better and was almost her bubbly, joyful self again. It really worked!


The next day, Catherine asked me to talk to her friend, Michelle, who had also broken off with her boyfriend. Michelle was still feeling terrible about her breakup even after many, many months.

Will this be my specialty? I wondered. Will I be a heartbreak doctor?

She told me, “Dad, if it worked for me then it should work for her too.”

“OK,” I said, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

She pulled me to her room and, to my surprise, her friend, Michelle was on Skype. (We were in Jakarta and her friend was in Manila.) I murmured to myself, “Gosh, only my second case and I have to do it online?”

But I really wanted to help. And since this was my daughter’s friend, I did what I could.

After chatting for a while, I proceeded with the session.

After a few minutes, I was amazed that I could see Michelle’s face change even just through Skype. After the session, Michelle said, “Wow, Uncle, I’ve never felt this much peace in the two years since our breakup.” I couldn’t believe it. My heart was leaping for joy just seeing what had happened right in front of me — to a person many miles away.


Wow, uncle, I’ve never felt this much peach in two years since our breakup.



I asked Catherine to keep checking up on Michelle. I was still skeptical and thought that the effect might wear off. But it didn’t. Michelle continued to be at peace. Days after, weeks after, months after. Just like Catherine had also gotten rid of her pain.

My success with Catherine and Michelle made me a believer and drove me to be bolder in doing the NLP techniques for other people who had painful memories.


“A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you.” (Ezekiel 36:26)

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Forgive them? No Way!


If you are ever to have a good time, you cannot plan your life to include nothing but good times.

Pleasure is like beauty; it is conditioned by contrast.

Fireworks would not delight us if they were set off against a background of fire, or in the blaze of the noonday sun: they need to stand out against the darkness. Contrast is needed to help us see each thing being visibly itself. – Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Way to Happiness


I was traveling to Melbourne to attend the graduation of my eldest son when a friend in Manila asked me for help.

“Jojo, please make time as you transit through Hong Kong to meet my friend and heal her. She has extreme trauma experiences,” she pleaded.

Sure, I said.


the pain is unbearable. Actually, I needed to inject myself with painkillers to numb the torment.


So I met Jennifer in Hong Kong, a young, petite nurse of 24. Sadness was written all over her face. I also noticed some scars that looked like burns or deep cuts on her arms. She limped slightly with her right leg and I wondered why it was so.

“It’s difficult for me to forgive my father and mother,” Jennifer began. “I tried but it seems there is no way I can forgive them. My wounds are too deep.

“At the age of seven or eight, my father would beat me up for any grade below A minus.” (I guessed rightly that the scars on her arms were from cigarette burns he had inflicted on her.)

“Sometimes he would ask me to clean my room with my tongue!” she continued. “He treated me like a dog. Why? I don’t really understand till this day.

“I ran away from home more than five times, but each time, my father would get me back somehow.”

I could see the pain in Jennifer’s eyes and I was getting mad at her father. Looking at Jennifer, I knew she was sincere and that her story was all true.

She went on. “My first boyfriend was my knight in shining armor since he rescued me from my father during one of his violent bouts. We were planning to get married but it didn’t work out. I’ll tell you why later.

“The worst time was when I was 16 years old. My father attempted to rape me but I managed to escape and run out of the house. I was lucky. I think the Lord gave me an opening. I ran, crying all the way to my friend’s house.break

“‘What happened to you?’ my friend asked, alarmed. I told her my father tried to rape me. My friend quickly reported the incident to the police and things went public. It was painful going to the courts to testify against my own father. Newspapers had a field day reporting his abuses.

“One time, when I was alone with my mom, she screamed at me. ‘You have betrayed our family! You have brought shame to us all.’ She drew close, then suddenly, wham! She kicked me hard on my right leg.

“Till this day, I suffer from a very painful nerve compression from that kick. I’ve had many surgeries but I’m still in constant pain.” (No wonder she had this slight limp, I thought to myself.)

“The courts placed me in the custody of a religious congregation of nuns. The trial was over in a year and my father was sent to jail for rehabilitation. I thought life would start to change for the better. But it didn’t.

“My boyfriend turned into a ‘black’ knight. He forced me to have sex with him but I refused. So he beat me up too! He even took whatever personal savings I had. I finally decided to break up with him. Oh God, I can’t live in this world anymore!

“Jojo, the pain is unbearable. Actually, I needed to inject myself with painkillers to numb the torment. I’ve been praying almost every day for years now to be healed from these painful memories.

“I know I must forgive my father and mother to be peaceful again. I tried, but deep inside, I just can’t!”

Can You Help?

I gazed at Jennifer with much empathy and told her, “God works in mysterious ways. He has allowed us to meet today. I’m only in transit to Melbourne with a few hours here in Hong Kong. I am sure He has a plan. I am sure He will heal you today of these memories.”


We prayed. Then I used the fading painful memories technique of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). We spent a total of three and a half hours because we had to process seven major traumatic experiences in her life one at a time. I was drained but fulfilled.

At the end of the session, Jennifer’s face transformed! She had a certain glow and I could see she was peaceful. It was nothing short of miraculous, considering the number of tormenting experiences she had.

But, what made me shed tears of joy was what she said before we parted.

“You know, Jojo, I had a great realization during the process. If I were to live my life again, I will live it exactly the same way!” she said.

If I were to live my life again, I will live it exactly the same way!” she said.


pagebreak“If I were to live my life again, I will live it exactly the same way!” she said.


What? I was surprised. “After all that pain — both psychological and physical — you’d still want to live your life the same way? Why?” I asked.

“I realize now that I would not be as patient and able to empathize with the patients in the hospital if I hadn’t experienced what I had. Through my wounds, I can heal others who have lesser wounds!”

I rode the plane to Melbourne that night praising and thanking God for this great healing.

Today, Jennifer continues to be joyful and at peace. My friend, who connected her to me, said her Facebook account messages suddenly shifted from being pessimistic to optimistic and peaceful. Jennifer said she has truly forgiven her parents and just looks upon them with compassion now.

Wow, I reflected. If this (NLP)  stuff works for traumas like Jennifer’s, then it will work for all other painful memories and traumas. I asked God to help me touch more lives.


Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and slander be put away from you. (Ephesians 4:31)


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You’re not a psychologist? You can still get rid of phobias and traumas.

I am not a psychologist yet I have learned and been able to heal hundreds of people of their phobias, limiting beliefs, traumas and painful memories in 30 minutes or less.

Is it really possible? The truth is YES, it is possible. I can feel a crease between your brows slowly building up while you read this. but I tell you, all that I’ve written in my book is true.

I have removed the fears of people who have phobias of riding airplanes or being in closed places.

People who run away and scream when they see a rat, snake, cockroach, lizard, spider, and other crawling creatures.

People who are scared of the dark, of ghosts, of lightning and thunder.

I even encountered someone who was scared of a papaya! When friends would surprise her with a papaya, she’d scream and run away.

I’ve healed people with painful memories and traumas.

People whose own fathers or relatives raped or molested them. People who were bullied in school, got robbed, or struggled with a death of a loved one.

People who had painful memories from a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, who experienced betrayal, personal failures and frustrations. There were even people who had been scarred because of military-like, disciplinarian parents.

I’ve also learned to help people who have recurring nightmares, insomnia, involuntary biting of nails, hair pulling, teeth grinding, and limiting beliefs that cause them to adopt certain habits like not liking math subjects, falling asleep when reading books, failing to exercise, and being unable to stop smoking.

You may not be aware of it, but many of us have painful memories, traumatic experiences, phobias and limiting beliefs.

Join me in my journey of healing in my book
‘BE FREE FROM PAINFUL MEMORIES AND TRAUMAS IN 30 MINUTES’ so that you too can do the same for your loved ones.



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How You Can Achieve Your Highest Self.

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 First, let me help you break misconceptions about  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – sounds daunting doesn’t it?). NLP is not an art of hypnotizing people nor is it a form of magic supernaturally powered. Although sometimes admittedly  it does look like a bag of magic tricks, the same way you would be amazed by that red-nosed clown or top hat  magician at your birthday party when you were 10 years old- it isn’t what it looks like.

Let me tell you where it comes from in a nutshell…
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a breakthrough modeling technology discovered by Richard Bandler and  John Grinder in the mid 70’s in California. They embarked on this journey of discovery by modeling the behavior of 3 geniuses Dr Milton Erickson, father of modern hypnotherapy; Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt therapy; and Virginia Satir, the mother of modern-day family therapy. They were curious as to why some patients in therapy were immediately cured and others took more time, even years. Their studies led to a breakthrough discovery about our human psychology and they’ve created a set of practices and concepts to find the difference that makes the difference from a genius performer and that of an average performer in a transferable and learnable code that can then be replicated by anyone to produce the same results.

Simply it’s a deeper understanding of a puzzle that is us; human beings and the most complicated organic mechanism- the human brain. All of us biologically function the same way and are given the same capability of learning since birth. The same capability for excellence of anyone great that you can think of. As baffling as reprogramming our minds to overcome our allergies, in each of us lies all the resources we need to achieve our dreams in life and to overcome anything that hinders us from growth.


What does this mean for us?


There is truth in the saying “You are destined for accomplishments, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.- Zig Ziglar” We believe that we are given this privilege and are capable to reach our full potentials
– Maximum Potential Mastery.

After becoming a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, I found that NLP techniques can greatly improve our personal and professional mastery thus leading to potential mastery.

Personal mastery is managing our state of mind. It is greatly influenced by our psychological state and physical state.

Professional mastery is to live productive lives and articulate our ideas, thus enabling us to persuade others.

Mastery of both personal and professional lives make us reach our maximum potential and leads to success and a meaningful and aligned life.’


For 3 free training videos on NLP go sign up here.

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Ever feel like a zombie when you wake up and cant seem to shake it off?

Everyone has those “lazy days” or “I feel low days”. So What if you can have a “push button” using your body movements that will magically and instantly short- circuit the lazy feeling?

One press and BOOM — you’re ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED!

Do you want to know how to create this “push button” for yourself? Say … YES! Read on!

So what are Anchors?

An Anchor is a stimulus that triggers a certain behavior or emotion in us when faced or activated. An Anchor can be a memory, an object, movement, etc

We all have them. We just dont realize it.

An example would be our national flags. When you look at them it elicits are certain behavior and feeling; which in this case may be a feeling of patriotism and pride, respect or a sense of belonging.

We call this “push button” an ANCHOR. An ANCHOR is a visual (something you see), auditory (something you hear) or kinesthetic (something you feel, smell or taste) stimulus that elicits or triggers a behavior.


5 STEPS to create an Anchor.

STEP 1 : Create your Power Anchor action.
(ex. fist pump in the air, throw hands in the air, dance
around. anything!)

STEP 2 : List out wonderful memories(5-10). The happiest moments
of your life! the strongest!

STEP 3 : Relive the memory no. 1 . Think about it. Feel it. See it.
MORE ! MORE! The more intense, the better the effect.

STEP 4 : Then at the peak of your heightened emotions and energy – Release with a battle cry and your power anchor
!–” YES!!! “

STEP 5 : break state ( return to normal) Then-REPETITION.
repeat steps 1-4 at least 6 times to anchor the positive
emotions from each of your chosen memories in your power anchor.


I should mention that I do realize how awkward the steps may seem. It looks quite ridiculous- don’t you think?

Thats the difficulty with NLP. It is better applied rather than read in theory. You’ll understand what I mean when you do it yourself.

Why do I say you need 5-10 happy memories? Imagine all of those positive energy harnessed into one Power Anchor and each time you do your Power Anchor, you will be energized by the same energy — powerful isn’t it.

All I ask is that you set aside your feeling of embarrassment- you’re- too- cool- for- this- job- and this-is-weird- mentality. As ridiculous as it may seem, I call you to go out of your box and do this seriously.

Then take a break! drink water, pace a few steps whatever you like. Lastly Test it for yourself. Do your Power Anchor and notice the immediate change in your state.

Next time you feel lazy or low use your POWER ANCHOR.
But also take note – Next time you feel Happy, Excited, or Accomplished.

ANCHOR IT right there and then to boost your Power Anchor.

It is always better to recharge your Power Anchor when the memory is fresh.

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