"Double Digit Growth"

-Christina Tan, CEO and Owner, Suy Sing Commercial Corporation.




Learn to apply our framework of  S E R V I C E.





"The best way for a breakthrough selling is using your mind power"

Dean Pax Lapid, Director/Faculty of Asian Institute of Management.



“My training engagements and sales of my business increased by 40%.”

Dr. Anna Bella D. Siriban-Manalang, Executive Vice President, Trion Group of Companies, 

Businesswoman, Industrial Engineer and Nationbuilder.



“We were able to create better rapport and establish a productive meeting resulting a sale of P1million (USD $25 000) within one week.”

Francis BersabalTrion/OpenAxcss, Business IT Consultant.


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Jojo Apolo.  An executive in charge of domestic and overseas sales of a top 5 FMCG company in Indonesia.

He has given numerous seminars on sales, personal & spiritual development in Southeast Asia.

 He established a 500,000 direct outlet coverage via 300 distribution networks with real-time sales & stock systems.

He pioneered the use of IPAD’s for salesmen, use creative “Quantum Sales” games and established

same-day delivery service guarantees for pharma products. He developed the New Breakthrough Selling Advantage for

Sales Professionals using NLP that has resulted in sales growth and productivity of 26-32%.

His greatest passion is to build people & organizations thus while searching for the latest sales development

techniques he studied NLP and found its benefit for helping people with traumas, limiting beliefs & phobias.

This led to amazing healings starting with his family, friends and others. He is a certified Master Practitioner

and Trainer of NLP from the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, USA and

the American Union of NLP, USA, Certified NLP Practitioner Trainer of NLP Academy, UK under John Grinder co-creator

of NLP & co-creator of NLP New Code, Carmen Bolstik St Claire co-developer NLP New Code & Michael Carrol ITAP

NLP Master Trainer. He is the author of the book “Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 minutes,

7-Step New Breakthrough Selling Advantage, i-Thrive: 7 Keys to a Fruitful Life and co-author with

Dr. Romy Paredes of Awaken the Doctor in You.