How Ryan Earned P500k Instantly by Expanding His Sensory Acuity!

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How Ryan Earned P500k Instantly by Expanding His Sensory Acuity!

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Ryan excitedly talked to me, waving his hands up and down and also clenching his fist at times as he narrated how he was able to sell to a client in just the first meeting.

“Hi Jojo, wow, let me tell you this unbelievable story. A day after attending the Leapfrog NLP Seminar, I accompanied my sales executive to his client meeting. That was the first time for me to meet the client. I immediately applied my sensory acuity skills and the mirroring and matching technique. I also applied the meta programs and analyzed the language patterns of the client. I found out that the client is internal, moves away, matching type, general, proactive and procedure type.

Once I got those signals, I immediately established rapport. My sales executive was surprised because my connection with the client was like of a long lost friend whereas we just met!

I also then applied precision questioning, and injected embedded commands as we came up with our recommendation.

Then the unexpected happened! She agreed and signed the contract at the same day! It was unbelievable. We earned about P500,000 worth of commissions. And we got paid already!!!” Ryan had a wide grin in his faced and pumped his fist with joy.

I joked with him. “Hmmm the commission pays off your seminar fee 25x over!” We laughed together.

What NLP Techniques did Ryan use?

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