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Ever feel like a zombie when you wake up and cant seem to shake it off?

Everyone has those “lazy days” or “I feel low days”. So What if you can have a “push button” using your body movements that will magically and instantly short- circuit the lazy feeling?

One press and BOOM — you’re ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED!

Do you want to know how to create this “push button” for yourself? Say … YES! Read on!

So what are Anchors?

An Anchor is a stimulus that triggers a certain behavior or emotion in us when faced or activated. An Anchor can be a memory, an object, movement, etc

We all have them. We just dont realize it.

An example would be our national flags. When you look at them it elicits are certain behavior and feeling; which in this case may be a feeling of patriotism and pride, respect or a sense of belonging.

We call this “push button” an ANCHOR. An ANCHOR is a visual (something you see), auditory (something you hear) or kinesthetic (something you feel, smell or taste) stimulus that elicits or triggers a behavior.


5 STEPS to create an Anchor.

STEP 1 : Create your Power Anchor action.
(ex. fist pump in the air, throw hands in the air, dance
around. anything!)

STEP 2 : List out wonderful memories(5-10). The happiest moments
of your life! the strongest!

STEP 3 : Relive the memory no. 1 . Think about it. Feel it. See it.
MORE ! MORE! The more intense, the better the effect.

STEP 4 : Then at the peak of your heightened emotions and energy – Release with a battle cry and your power anchor
!–” YES!!! “

STEP 5 : break state ( return to normal) Then-REPETITION.
repeat steps 1-4 at least 6 times to anchor the positive
emotions from each of your chosen memories in your power anchor.


I should mention that I do realize how awkward the steps may seem. It looks quite ridiculous- don’t you think?

Thats the difficulty with NLP. It is better applied rather than read in theory. You’ll understand what I mean when you do it yourself.

Why do I say you need 5-10 happy memories? Imagine all of those positive energy harnessed into one Power Anchor and each time you do your Power Anchor, you will be energized by the same energy — powerful isn’t it.

All I ask is that you set aside your feeling of embarrassment- you’re- too- cool- for- this- job- and this-is-weird- mentality. As ridiculous as it may seem, I call you to go out of your box and do this seriously.

Then take a break! drink water, pace a few steps whatever you like. Lastly Test it for yourself. Do your Power Anchor and notice the immediate change in your state.

Next time you feel lazy or low use your POWER ANCHOR.
But also take note – Next time you feel Happy, Excited, or Accomplished.

ANCHOR IT right there and then to boost your Power Anchor.

It is always better to recharge your Power Anchor when the memory is fresh.

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